Sunday, May 1, 2011

seed with care (Mayday thoughts)

I understand he was in a mansion with his family

That only bad guys were killed
It was a successful mission accomplished these eight years later

I was told my life changed nearly ten years ago
not in so many words of course
but because everyone else’s did
I took it on faith
    I Am because We Are

It’s a huge night

The Enemies of Freedom
have never proven themselves to resort to retributive anger
on the occasion of a death

They stop cold in their tracks
Scratch their heads
See the wild error of their calculated UnAmerican ways
Tuck their tails
Turn and Repent

Thank God this man and his failing kidneys are no longer a danger to us
Thank God there is only the hatred that inspired him and he in turn inspired
on all sides
left behind
What could go wrong?

What’s it like Geraldo?
Is it Wild?
Is it moving beyond words Wolf?
Breathing a little easier about re-election Mr. President?
Oh yes, you did
Change I can believe in for the moment
And nothing is more constant than that

Now don’t get me wrong nation
I want the security
I want evil stamped out
I want our military to be compensated and appreciated for their efforts
    and all those good things

Because when we are good
    We are
And them...?
We all know about them.
I can’t be good unless they are NOT
And I can’t very well Be

I was told long ago
    All these things
        wonderfully unknown yet-to-be-explored
                life-giving things
    given are good to use
    And we may draw life freely from them

    Except for the one that dictates to us
                    saddles us
                    imposes on us
                    burdens us
     with the notion of what is good and what is not
        Eat from that one

            and We die

We were given a hand full of seeds this evening
Sew with care