Monday, August 24, 2015

white whine buzz

I will in no way claim
that my vices have severe repercussions
or that my struggles with them are as profound as those of others' in my life

I do know this:

It being the first day of school
I was expecting the corporate coffee chain location at my school
which has served me so well over the last 2 years
to be open and ready to vend me a beverage this morning

It was not
It was gone
Inexplicably gone

I settled for the 3rd rate swill
That is the nectar of every Sunday morning fellowship hour
offered by the establishment down the hall

And I don't care how excellent their salmon lox bagel sandwich is
    Because, oh my,
    Did that ever hit the spot
It doesn't make them qualified to caffeinate the learning masses

what the fuck, school? over.

And for the first time in memory,
this night owl
cannot wait to go to sleep right now
wake up tomorrow
Just to try to make this right