Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Adulting Tale #1: Banking

I’ll hereby go on record that I prefer the type of ATM machines that don’t keep hold of your debit card while making a transaction

My bank
A good one
     Allows you to make a swipe
Transact to to your capitalist heart’s content
Go on your way

The bank in which I usually make my deposits in downtown Longmont, where I work, because my nearest bank branch (Boulder), an hour from where I live (Greeley), but has a cooperative agreement with my bank to take deposits
naturally has its own ATM system
formerly okay by me
now down a notch

It was an early morning of deposits
and cash withdrawals
because I thought I’d forgotten my checkbook
and that therapist is not going to pay himself
Believe Me

All this, before coffee

It took my card
It held it as it always does
I left without it
Not as I have ever done once before now, nor will again(?)

All this, before coffee

I returned an hour later
Realizing my error 
after trying to pay for coffee a half block over
(fortunately they took checks
because it turned out I did have my checkbook)
Kindly went to the bank teller with my plight
Why would this person not be happy to assist me?

Teller: Our ATM person isn’t in today.
Me: You have an ATM person?
Teller: Yes, he’s not in today.
Me: And he’s not in today.
Teller: If it was a US Bank card, he can retrieve it for you tomorrow.
Me: And if it was not?
Teller: Was yours a US Bank card?
Me: It was not.
Teller: Then it got shredded.
Me: …Shredded…?
Teller: Shredded.
Me: …

The bright side 
     is that the coffee shop takes checks

And I did remember my checkbook

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