Tuesday, April 24, 2012

at least

I don’t mind hanging out if it suits you
I don’t mind being the nondescript friend for lack of a better word
who you may or may not wake up with
who might be available for you as you figure out where home is
who makes you smile when you see you’ve got a message from me
who makes you angry when you see you’ve got a message from me
so long as it’s one or the other

I don’t mind talking into the hours when we know we should be going home to bed
I don’t mind taking the time even when it’s gotten to that point
when we should be figuring out what this is and what it’s about
even if the intuitive conclusion is that it’s
the only thing

none of the above

If these sets of baggage go together
or they don’t
It’s something to figure out
at least
Maybe we’ll figure it out quickly
but at least we’ll figure it out

And I suppose we could ask if taking the time is fair or worthwhile
        to either of us


It’s gambling
Like anything worthwhile ever is
And like anything fair never is

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