Friday, April 6, 2012

blood / water

Blood and water
drip to the ground below
or so we imagine
presuming gravity to be a constant
even at that moment

Something had to be pierced
Something had to be fighting for its breath
Someone’s flesh had to be pinned and hung on display
for some political statement
...or humanity’s sins
We should draw no distinction.

some king’s...
some god’s...

...before the stuff of life could be poured out:
That which renews and that which sustains

even for the masses screaming they had no king but the emperor
whether the emperor was democratically or divinely elected
whether the emperor was a flag
whether the emperor was a constitutional right
to avoid the care of one's community

For them also,
of which I
and everyone I know and love are also apart
this was shed.

And it’s only Friday.

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