Wednesday, April 25, 2012



I don’t remember much except for E.T.
possibly going to see it twice
I don’t remember who else was there
But I remember it was happy
          and safe
So I suspect the usuals:
Mom, Dad, sisters


I welcomed it with Shea, Sean, and Greg
it was therefore awesome
It was an epic sleepover
My first foray with MST 3000 thanks to the brothers Kersh

The rest of it saw my first foray with Okla-by-god-homa
and like most forced removals to that mysterious place
it was therefore rather difficult
I am grateful I have come to peace with it
and have another place to call home


Well that was tricky
She was there that night
Adversarial and begrudgingly affectionate
as was our pattern
But she was there
And she’d clearly gone to some great lengths to get there
Can’t forget that
And then she left that year
That necessarily sucked
As in, it had to, and I’m fortunate to realize that now

And there was that unfortunate divorce for my sister
that sucked for a while
And my church community dropped the ball on my youth group
that sucks to this day
and it always will


We’ll see

I have every reason to live

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