Friday, April 24, 2015

Concerning the Matter of the Disowning, However Imagined

Eggshells are things better spared
Than to have my weight imposed upon them

Not unlike that time
My presence was demand-requested into the debriefing on a near 
Concerning which I was quite pleased to have been present and helpful to the only real suffering individual concerned
     As far as I was concerned

Until I had to sit through the 
                      of the affected cohort group
I have no doubt 
     sad for their anguished companion

Were probably a little more sad not to have been present
And to not have the opportunity to have really joined with her in her suffering

An uncomfortable realization:

     I had been present
          For all that glorious anguish
     I got to see the empty package of generic pain-reliever
          the drained liquor bottle
     I got to call the ambulance for Christ sake

And now I was the only one request-demanded to the debriefing
Because I was witness
     The first-hand conduit
          of all that suffering

For this beleaguered group

I was to be the Fluffer of their Shared Anguish

And I suppose I gave it to them

I was recently unfriended on Facebook
by the fellow who demand-requested that I be there
All he indicated was
Something about my cover photo 
     which depicts an angry self-absorbed man
     dressed ironically as a sad clown
He really seemed to take it personally


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  2. This one is just damn good. So many storylines captured. So much to say.

    1. I'm glad it comes across! Such an obscure, unusual situation and circumstance--wasn't sure if there was anyway to make it connect.

    2. Definitely comes across. I really loved the way you captured the sense of concern but also "grief-mongering" for lack of a better word, of the others. The both/and of being the front row witness to something tragic, of it being terrible and kind of wonderful all at once...the jealousy of those who were not in fact "the first hand conduit of all that suffering". I loved the line "I was to be the fluffer of their shared anguish". Well, that pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

      Anyway, hopefully I'm reading this right. I kept thinking of it in a longer more theatrical form, like a play.