Monday, April 27, 2015

shippers [explicit]

Is there a special place in hell
For fandom shippers?
I certainly hope so.

Because there are other sites on the internet
          other genres of literature
          and other genres of porn
                    (fan fiction)
Where one can find a venue
To support the romantic relationship of two fictional characters
          And WITHOUT any disservice to the supporting female character
                    formerly strong, with differentiated integrity
                    formerly the personification of hope
                    formerly engaged in a physical relationship with another man
                              with healthy consequences
                    formerly capable of self-composure without the validation
                              of the protagonist male character
                                        still brooding
                                        still haunted
                                        still broken
                                        still joyless
                                        still inaccessible
                                                  even after she accessed him

I don’t know
It’s like you guys just…

          wanna see two imagined people fuck

Is there a special place in hell
For showrunners
Who shamelessly cater to the groundswell of these assholes?
I think not.

I think that happens when
I hope that happens
When you guys realize
                    something else
                    before you caved

If that occurs to you in between trips to the bank

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  1. "She was something else before you caved."