Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Response

The Brewery in Bricktown
     Some Saturday afternoon
     Days after?
Whenever it was
It was still happening

In walked the firefighters, the EMTs
‘Wearied’ might be a description
     so long as descriptions
     and the grossest of understatements
     can be on mutually inclusive terms

Up to the second floor they immediately proceeded
     Not expecting
     Nor requiring
The standing ovation that erupted
     as they marched

I do not remember a lot of smiles lighting up their faces
But it was a part of them
To serve
To respond
To rescue
And that they wore this as they marched up the stairs
     was visible

I’ll never know how long they’d been toiling that day
     If the human toll
     Blended with the Federal debris
What a toll it ultimately took
Nor if a complimentary burger and beer on the house
     could ever be thanks enough
Nor if our first response as a grateful public
Could ever make theirs worthwhile

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