Saturday, April 2, 2011


I was naked in the mirror just yesterday
and I was suddenly reminded I was born with a congenital defect.
I hadn’t thought about it in sometime
Generally not thinking about it that much at all anymore.
    (It doesn’t bother me to take off my shirt as much
    as once it did.)

So, I did what I do a lot lately when I rediscover something from childhood
    that I haven’t thought about in a long time:
I googled it.
What should I find
but Q&A Forums
    You Tube videos
        A Facebook page
            (It has a Facebook page)
some photos
of some very severe cases of others with the condition

It has a Latin name
Of course it has a Latin name

        and oh the factoid repository Wikipedia
And all these symptoms I might otherwise never have known
    But one of them does seem a likely enough story in my case:
            the words “diminished” and “capacity” beaming out
                with white hot intensity

And just enough of one You Tube testimonial resonates
            ...just enough...
                to make me think
                    son of a bitch

So this is why I occasionally get lightheaded when I get up too quick
So this is why I oversleep
So this is why I have ADHD
    without the ‘H’
So this is why I have to put in just that tiny little extra effort
     to make sure my voice is projecting well enough
            I do hate to be heard mumbling

Sure I remember the trip to the kid hospital
    and the x-rays
when I was little

        I didn’t wanna go to school that day anyhow

The doctors seemed unconcerned by the results
    sent us on our way
        I think I got candy out of the deal

And my common sense and moral compass
    which always come in the form of the company I choose to keep
    remind me:

Yeah, but don’t you oversleep because you’re a night owl?
    Don’t you just really like sleep?
Whenever you mumble, we presume you’ve just slipped back into your native Texan dialect.
Don’t you do cardio like everyday?
    Didn’t you run that 12K last spring without any incident?
So what if you’re a little ADHD...

    ...okay, yeah, actually maybe you oughta’ have that one checked out...

Perhaps and Perhaps Not
Definitively certain on that one
    and not so much on the other
As we all know
    there are known knowns and there are known unknowns

But to those who can live life abundantly
    with the corrective surgery
        (and as have the means)
            then by all means
But to those of us who can do without for the time being
    be reminded of what we should all be reminded:
        Every now and then stop
            and take all the air you need
                    while you can.


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