Saturday, April 30, 2011


It’s important to name injustice where you find it
It’s essential to point out its damages

We grow dull should we stand too idle

It’s important to stand by
It’s important to feel the ground you walk
    to heed the rhythm and flow

Even if you seem to be in the midst of a time-lapsed video
The traffic lights swirling around you
The moon completing a perfect 180° arc before you can get only a few feet along

Call a spade a spade
Call me out where I have wronged you

    But do forgive me

    But do give me the benefit
        of the doubt
        of the confusion
        of the suspicion
        of the dis-ease
        of the question

    But do let me help you to look for other tools to dig our way out

    before soon all we see are spades
    they’re not all spades

I don’t want for all you to see are spades.

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