Saturday, April 30, 2011

THERE I will be

I miss that house
Its backporch view
The double-car garage
The patio cookouts too

I wish I was there

The winter nights we went
without any gas
We slept in one small heated room
while Oklahoma Natural Gas #&%@ed us in the...

I wish I was there
Oh I wish I was there

And it’s been prayed for me by a dear friend who knows these things
That I feel lost because maybe I am
And that it is G-d that finds us on our way
We need not look

And I wonder what this recovery will look like
What will be these ramifications
What will be those repercussions

Will I be walking at Colfax and Grant
    when a wayward used Hemingway book knocks me on the head?
Because it happens
But what if that’s what it is?
What if that’s exactly what it is?
When G-d finds me
    I do not want it to result in any significant brain trauma

I just want to be there when it happens

    I don’t need for my life to change that much
    or yours either

I just need to be there when it happens

Just really wanna be there when it happens

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