Friday, April 15, 2011


The problem with reading Dylan Thomas
    is that any two consecutive lines of his stanzas
        could themselves constitute a poem

The problem with reading Mary Karr
    is that I’m afterward somewhere internally bleeding
        and must first tend the wound before I can process

The problem with reading Wendell Berry

    (not unlike being a guitarist watching Tommy Emmanuel play)

    is that the bastard already said it, and oh so much better
        what now?

And Rusty told me
    keep reading Eliot whether you understand him or not
        because he has a way of getting into your unconscious

The problem with reading any or all of them
    is that I wanna keep reading and reading
        to the point I almost
        don’t want to let their work do what it’s supposed to do for me
            which, I think
  rather than just reveling in the experience of their gift

            is to pay something forward
            is to get the hell out of the way
                and let the new thing do its thing

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