Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspiration Commonly Overlooked

There are
    no doubt
        tried and true musical theater geeks out there
            who cringe
    at the sound of me and R.J. in the dining room
    trying to do work
    between pounding out a dissertation
        sending out another resume
    brewing the next pot of coffee

    comes a misremembered fragment of a verse
    sung to a vaguely recollected tune
        and consistently botched meter

            but oh the rhyme

        “She’s nothing like the rest of us
                  that Belle!"

The H.D.L.‘s new Home Theater in a Box
Wedow’s latest Blue Ray DVD acquisition
        (Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
            if you must know)
    Coody and Dave bring the enthusiasm
        for the trivia game included on Disc 2 of Special Features
Grad School residential community activities are truly a team effort.

‘Tis no imposition
    to have the opening number
        stuck in our heads these three days later


Half the fun now
    is allowing the lyrics to be misremembered
        (a commonly overlooked form of inspiration)
Consequently, we now have half of the Iliff Spring Follies written.

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