Friday, April 29, 2011

Awkward white prayer in an awkward awkward place

God be with me

in the nervous pounding of my heart
in the shortness of breath

which I don’t really mind so much--
    courage is a cardiopulmonary exercise after all

God be with me

in the difficult conversation ahead
in the admission I must make
    that injustice is still a very nerve-wracking matter
    no matter how much you talk about it
    but my complicity within it
    is a terrifying one

God be with me

Let me speak nothing but the truth
For I don’t think my brother from the margin is very interested in hearing about things I don’t really know about
    and other speculations prompted by my ethnic guilt
He grants me audience that I’m not sure I deserve

Thank you God
    that there is still
    he and I
    both of us who we are
    where we are
    and all that makes us

    after all that
    somehow able to speak to one another

God be with me now in the hearing

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