Friday, April 8, 2011

Ode to that couple on the couch at Stella’s making out and on the verge of heavy petting...

Oh couple on the couch
Don’t mind me
And the five other people in the room
    To be fair: I’m the only one whose direct field of vision you’re in

I was trying to decide which movie to catch later
But this is just as well
And twenty-five cents cheaper to boot

I’m trying not to be too callous
Certainly I’ve been compromised by a good comfy couch before
    I’ve been on that very couch
    I’ve also fallen in love there
    It’s that comfy
    If it could talk...
    It would probably learn not to

Watch that laptop, buddy
    It’s about to fall off her...
        Oh--!  He’s quick!

    But if the occasional and consistent awkward glances their way
        by those of us in the room without a date
    Will not deter them from hormonal stupor
        Why should the threat of a falling portable electronic device?

            Back at it

One of these days I will finally have the nerve
To continue gawking even after they’ve noticed
    that I’ve stopped everything that I’m doing
        just so they don’t have to

And in that magical instant
    they will know by my expectant facial expression
    and my motioning hand gesture
        saying let’s keep this rolling folks...don’t stop now...
that the creeper and the creeped are mutually edified by one another
and also quite indistinguishable one from the other in this context

    just a public way of saying “thank you” for their publicness

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