Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There is something about which
    a group therapist in training camp is always warned
        -whether it be with teenagers
            or adults
                almost all of whom
                turn into teenagers when they get together
                    usually always-

            All of them)

There is content
There is process
Take care not to be too fascinated by the content
    lest you are so absorbed by it
    that it informs you
                                        of nothing

There is a prevailing theology
    proffered by Western Individualist common sense
    and championed by unscripted dramatic television
    infiltrating even the most well-intentioned

                                of imbalanced dogmas

    that says, “Fuck the process.
            Did you see what that content did to me?”

Neither’s altar
should we spend too much time
    kneeling down

For my own part
    concerning my own expensive
    and accredited indoctrination
                                    of the content:

I can’t say enough about the content
    for the content!

I say with no pretense:
I loved every bit of it
A hundred percent
Wouldn’t change a thing
I love everything that school
    and its content
did for me

It was rich
It was transformational
It was nothing I wanted
    and everything I needed
It was instrumental in informing me of everything I find


                about the content

And the process
        (i.e. lack thereof)
    left everything to be desired

I’m still working this one out.

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