Sunday, April 3, 2011

h & b & i

to me
    they give the gift of themselves
        friendship borne
            across culture
            across orientation

does it sound difficult?
you might be amazed how much the contrary

we and they
    lived a year together
    quickly picking up
         on all my delightfully eccentric predictabilities
            and extending every invitation of fellowship
                in exploration of community
                    music jams, sing alongs,
                    painting with bob ross
                    and the foothills of the rockies
        from their authenticity
                --a regular haircut from h--
                and model of reckless
                    selfless love to one another
    which couldn’t but help to spill over to all around them

now then--

to them
    the state of colorado
        where they currently happen to reside
    owes the right
        for their relationship to be legally recognized

    because they honor the “institution”
    with more integrity
    than the “institution” ever could know how

for it is not so shallow a description
    as an “institution” for them
so much as a very fact of their joined existence

and on the day
    that six individuals of an unnamed political party
        deemed such a measure
            to “end this most successful civilization”
    we celebrated b’s spring break
     and completed preparation of a student art show
        with successive trips
            to schlotzsky’s, bonnie brae, stella’s,
            denver folklore center, and the pearl st. grill

while not exactly a ‘non-issue’ for them
it’s not a question that would distract them
from an otherwise beautiful day
    for which they’ve seen fit to include me

and so
    for me too
        there is no discussion
        there is no question

    there is no legislation
    adequate to reflect the complexity
    of how good it is not to be alone

for god created them
male, female, and everything in between
    and it is good

and you will not
        -i do not say this lightly-
        convince me otherwise