Thursday, April 28, 2011


We were trapped
    caught in that horrific purgatory for night owls
    captivated before paid programming
        That guy that once sang for that marginally successful band
        and that woman that...
            appeared to have some connection with what they were talking about
        convincing us that the power rock ballads of the 70s and 80s
        were the absolute apex of human creativity

            more and more so with each successive loop

            (Whitesnake and Night Ranger in the same collection you say?)

    and Dazzled
    by the nostalgia of a youth that...
    wasn’t...really ours...ever
But nonetheless titillated
    and tantalized
        they mean the same thing
    by the rolling credits
    by a series of endless promotional clips from yesteryear
        unearthed for this
        sewn together in a rock-ous montage
        of hair
            light headbanging
            emphatic fist-pumping
                and a meticulously edited orchestration
                of cacophonic climax

Yes, we could pay the $119.96 for all 9 discs in the collection
That would be better than the infomercial how...?

(For Kit)

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